Delivery Information

  • You can track the whereabouts of your order by entering your *tracking code into our order tracking page.
  • Some items are shipped from within the UK so can be received from as early as the following day for UK residents or 3-10 days for the rest of the world. Other items are shipped from China, so delivery can take 5-14 days for the majority of the world. In some cases, this can take up to 37 days.
  • Not all orders come with tracking information, so you may not receive any delivery information regarding.

*Your tracking code can be found on your order confirmation page. Tracking codes may take up-to 7 days to appear on your order confirmation page.

If your order has not arrived, please wait until the specified amount of days for your shipping option has passed before contacting us.

Royal Mail Next Day UK Delivery - 3 Days
Royal Mail Standard UK Delivery - 7 Days
FREE UK Standard Delivery - 27 Days
Express International Delivery - 14 Days
FREE Standard Delivery - 27 Days


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